The Background

1962– Pageant founded by Marge Hannaman. Trademark applications made in Washington, D.C. as “first” international children’s beauty and talent pageant. Manufactured trophy figurine of the official silhouette. First pageant in Louisiana.

1963– World pageant held in New Orleans, Louisiana at Roosevelt Hotel (48 participants from 22 states). Winner given $1,000 prize trip to New York and Washington, where she was presented at the Congressional Ball. Our Little Miss-Debbie Smith (CA); Miss La Petite-Connie Munson (LA); Talent winner-Debbie McDonald (LA).

1964– Biloxi, Mississippi (66 participants from 23 states). $1, 500 in college scholarships initiated through the International Scholarship Foundation. Our Little Miss– Susan Taylor (LA); Miss La Petite –Roanne Green (LA); Talent Winner– Betty Irene Pope (LA).

1965– Pageant sold to Universal Productions & Publications, Inc. by Young Artists, Inc. Under new president, Carl Dunn, staging plan was developed, including the first “total” pageant kit. Pageants systematized with staging handbook and judging procedure.

1966– Dallas, Texas at Apparel Mart (123 participants from 33 states, 10 major cities, 6 foreign countries). Endorsed by Children’s Wear Board of Governors. Wardrobes to each participant. Mister Lynn named “Lifetime Pageant Host.” Our Little Miss Joleen Troop (TX); Miss La Petite– Dana Janae Cook (CA); Talent Winner– Debbie Kamman (IL).

1967– Dallas, Texas at Apparel Mart (136 participants from 33 states, 11 major cities, 6 foreign countries). First World winner, Debbie Smith (a Hollywood starlet for Disney Studios), was a guest star Television pilot via closed circuit TV. Our Little Miss– Debbie Kennington (LA); Miss La  Petite– Jill Lott (TX); Talent Winner– Deanne Shutter (NY). Sybil Anderson of Nonwich (CN) names first World Ideal Miss.

1968– Dallas, Texas at Apparel Mart (144 participants from 33 states, 10 major cities, 4 foreign countries). Televised in color by KDTV. Our Little Miss– Lori Smith (TX); Miss La Petite– Rhonda Cox (NM); Talent Winner– Shannon Baker (TX); World’s Ideal Miss Pageant in Baton Rouge,        Louisiana at the Capitol House Hotel. Ideal Miss Sherry Norvell (TX); Talent Winner– Charlene Casciotti (PA).

1969– Dallas, Texas at Apparel Mart (177 participants from 33 states, 11 major cities, 6 foreign countries). Picture program book initiated for scholarship fund. Our Little Miss– Lauri Lynn Huffaker (TX); Miss La Petite– Cathy Colvin (LA); Talent Winner– Judee Uhrinec (NY). World’s Ideal Miss Pageant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Capitol House Hotel. Ideal Miss– Jacqueline Teresa Wright (TN); Talent Winner– Debbie Ray (CA).

1970– Dallas, Texas at Apparel Mart (250 participants from 33 states, 18 major cities, 6 foreign countries). Televised live coast-to-coast on UBC Television Network. Guest stars were Frankie Avalon and Shari Lewis. Our Little Miss-Siobhan Sullivan (TN); Miss La Petite– Jessica Buss (CA); Talent Winner– Lynn Adrian Huck (FL); World’s Ideal Miss in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Capitol House Hotel. Ideal Miss– Debbie Palmer (TX);  Talent Winner– Andrea Alonzo (FL).

1971– Miami Beach, Florida at Fontainebleu Hotel (256 participants from 39 states, 21 major cities, 4 foreign countries). Televised nationwide syndication. Guest star was Debbie Smith, original World’s Our Little Miss. Combination staging kit and press kit were introduced. Official jewelry manufactured. Universal Registration 8 Insurance Division founded. Up Girl Sorority and Magazine initiated. “Junior” became official pageant mascot. Only children’s talent pageant named in “There She is… “A history of pageants. Our Little Miss- Monica Tarpenning (WA); Miss La Petite– Sherry Krantz (TX); Talent Winner– Linda Kelly (FL); World’s Ideal Miss held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Independence Hall. Ideal Miss– Candy Crocker (TX); Talent Winner– Ramona Le Vasseur (LA); Ideal Miss Photogenic– Pamela Player   (MS).

1972– New Orleans, Louisiana at Rivergate Auditorium (269 participants from 39 states, 21 major cities, Mexico and Holland). 30 minute television documentary in commemoration of 10th Anniversary New recording of the theme song. District Pageant System, Winner’s Circle and Honor Roll Inaugurated. Purchased facilities covering half city block for offices, printing plant, and manufacturing. Our Little Miss– Jennifer Childers (FL); Miss La Petite—Debbie Kay O’Donnell (TX); Talent Winner– Anita Catlin (OH). World’s Ideal Miss Pageant moved to Baylor University in Waco, Texas International Youth Conference initiated as part of the World finals. Ideal Miss– Trudy Padgett (TX); Talent Winner– Tami Jo Whitmire (TX); Ideal Miss Photogenic—Gayle Riddick (LA); Essay Award– Suzy Shaw (FL).


1973– New Orleans, Louisiana at Rivergate Auditorium (279 participants from 40 states, 21 major cities, 6 foreign countries). Miss Photogenic extended to all divisions as scholarship program Scholarships increased to $10,500 annually (surpasses & 30,000 with recipients attending five universities.) Our Little Miss– Yvonne Granger (CO); Miss La Petite– Lacy Kelly (LA); Talent Winner– Nicholle Fusillo (FL). World’s Ideal Miss Pageant at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Ideal Miss– Linda Plowman (AL); Talent Winner– Linda Pailer (MO); Essay Award– Suzy Shaw (FL); Ideal Miss Photogenic– Becky Walker (LA); Our Little Miss Photo-genic– Kristi Henley (TN); Miss La Petite Photogenic– Sandra Owens (TX).

1974– Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the $12 million dollar LSU Assembly Center Purchased downtown “landmark” building for executive offices introduced full– color entry blanks, posters, program book covers. “Universal Girl” and Mr. Pageants USA” instituted. Established “Who’s Who in Modeling & Beauty Pageants.” Founded first “Beauty Pageant & Modeling Hall of Fame.” Our Little Miss- Sandra Frick (FL); Miss La Petite—     Susan Leavell (LA); Talent Winner– Kerry Alexander (AR); Ideal Miss– Donna Kirkpatrick (AR); Talent Winner– Linda Phillips (CA); Essay Award– Yvonne Hinojosa (Mexico); Ideal Miss Photogenic– Suzanne Anderson (MN); Our Little Miss Photogenic– Caren Patterson (LA); Miss La Petite Photogenic– Judith Thompson (FL); Universal Girl– Pat Hutchinson (LA); Mr. Pageants USA– J. David Westerfield (TX).

1975– Baton Rouge, Louisiana at LSU Assembly Center. Marge Hannaman, founder of Our Little Miss, purchased all stock of corporation and became sole owner. Our Little Miss– Kelly Parsons (FL); Miss La Petite– Kellie Rials (MS); Ideal Miss– Ivet Hinojosa (Mexico); Talent Winners– Angela Estill (AR); Kelly Burch (TN); Photogenic Winners– Suzanne Wagner (GA), Kelli Hodges (TX), Daphne Davis (AL).

1976– Baton Rouge, Louisiana at LSU Assembly Center Finals televised live over WBRZ– Baton Rouge; Remote WMC Memphis; Teri Hannaman TV Producer; Five OLM girls starred on Walt Disney’s Mouseketeers, including Kelly Parsons, 1975 World OLM. Our Little Miss– Alexis Kelly (GA); Miss La Petite—Kristie Rivers (AL); Ideal Miss-Kathy Twitty (TN); Talent Winners– Ginger Cochran (AL); Wil’L Wyn Wallance (TX). Photogenic Winners- Robyn White (TX); Sherri Manuel (AR); Helen Alcott (AR).

1977– Niagara Falls, NY/Canada. Staging held at Niagara Falls Convention-Center. Awards Breakfast in Canada; CBS 60 Minutes covered a full week of the pageant and aired Sept. 11, 1977; Morley Safer narrated; Marge Hannaman interviewed on the news program To Tell the Truth taped on Sept. 23, 1977; Marge Hannaman, principal character. Our Little Miss– Karen Evans (FL). Miss La Petite– Lindsey King (CA); Talent Winners- Jenna Schweppe (MO); Wendy Ownes (NC); Photogenic Winners-Nicole Eggert (CA), Tina Payne (TX), Tamila Whitener (OK).

1978– Miami Beach, Florida at Fontainbleu Hilton Hotel. Universal opened state pageants for the first time to Ideal Miss. Our Little Miss– Tina Payne (TX); Miss La Petite– Paige Coffman (FL); Ideal Miss– Trudy Stolz (CA); Talent Winners– Cynthia McAbee (OH), Monique Key (AL); Photogenic Winners– Danielle Laird (TX), Sandi Turnage (MS), Kari Foster (TN).

1979– Miami Beach, Florida at Fontainebleu Hilton Hotel. Universal initiated Educational Tour for winners and families; Approximately 120      winners, family members and staff inaugurated the first Tour to the Bahamas immediately following the World finals. Our Little Miss– Stacey Smith (TX); Miss La Petite– Kimberly Smith (MO); Ideal Miss– Renee Busbee (MS); Talent Winners– Jamie Virgil (CA), Mechelle Willis (AL); Photogenic Winners– Paige Smith (NV), Rhonda Cross (CO), Genia Boggs (GA).

1980-Las Vegas, Nevada at Dunes Hotel and Country Club. Universal once again provided an exciting Educational Tour for their royalty to Hollywood, CA, where they visited Universal Studios, Disneyland and the Queen Mary. Our Little Miss– Julie Howell (NV); Miss La Petite– Christy Robertson (AR); Ideal Miss– Trelynda Kerr (OK); Talent Winners– Heather Childers (NC), Gianna Mucci (PA); Photogenic Winners– Michelle Burleigh (LA), Tammy Puckett (AR), Nikki Metheny (OK).

1981– Las Vegas, Nevada at Dunes Hotel and Country Club. Universal once again provided and excited Educational Tour for their royalty to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico, where the queens and their guests stayed at the beautiful Sheraton and visited the quaint city and rode many special  attractions, including the world– famed “Bora Bora Cruise.” Our Little Miss– Tammy Edgeworth (IL); Miss La Petite– Michelle Blanchard (LA); Ideal Miss– Terry Williams (AR); Our first Baby Petite (0-2) Christi Writesman (TN); Talent Winners—Anna Ronquillo (CA), Seanna McCracken (CA). Photogenic Winners– Danielle Laird (TX), Misty Owens (NC), Tammy Puckett (AR).

1982– Las Vegas, Nevada at Dunes Hotel and Country Club. Universal once again provided an exciting Educational Tour for their royalty to Los Angeles, CA, where the queens and their guests stayed at the beautiful Sheraton Universal and visited Universal Studios and Disneyland. Our   Little Miss– Cherish Alexander (CA); Miss La Petite– Shawna Marler (OK); Ideal Miss– Paige Conner (GA); Universal Girl– Shelly Moses (LA); Baby Petite– Alyson Wohner (AR); Talent Winners– Kelli Wyatt (AL), Jennifer Faucette (NC); Photogenic Winners– Kristine Griffin (CO), Melody Denning (TX), Wanda Kent (LA), Genia Boggs (GA).

1983– Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Country Club. Universal once again provided an exciting Educational Tour for their royalty to Los Angeles, CA, where the queens and their guests stayed at the beautiful Wilshire Hyatt and visited Universal Studios, NBC Studios, and   Disneyland. Our Little Miss– Jill King (AL); Miss La Petite– Jennifer Rocker (GA); Ideal Miss– Kimberly Payne (TN); Baby Petite– France Klienfelter (NV); Universal Girl– Trudy Stolz (CA); Universal Mrs.– Kay Lea (OK); Talent Winners– Marlo Watkins (SC), Teheva Johnson (AR), Sandra Douglas (CO), Pam Connor (TX); Photogenic Winners– Brandi Sellers (TX), Brandy Brown (AL), Misty Sykes (AR), Linda Hurtado (CA), Patti Board (SC). April 9, the birth of Marge Hannaman’s first grandchild, Tiffany Danielle Chandler.

1984– Dallas, Texas at Loews Anatole Hotel. Universal’s Educational Tour went to exotic Acapulco, Mexico, for and exciting 4 days, 3 night s of sailing, skiing, sunning and shopping; 109 jetsetters enjoyed the tour. Our Little Miss– Krista Gardner (CA); Miss La Petite– Jill Jones (AR); Ideal Miss– Kimberly Parker (CA); Baby Petite– Leigh Ann Morris (TX); Universal Girl– Sheila Har-din (TX); Universal Mrs.– Dianne Rooker (AL); Talent Winners– Tina Larson (CA), June Terrell (TX), Catrina Robbins (AL), Teresa Taylor (SC); Photogenic Winners– Joy Lee Arnold (TX), Toni Barger (AR), Jennifer Johnson (TX), Paulene Allen (OK), Shannon Aldridge (TX).

1985– Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Apparel Mart with Loews Anatole as the host hotel. One hundred and thirty-four winners, directors and families joined the Educational Tour to the Sheraton Waikki Hotel in Hawaii. Baby Petite– Lacy Chabert (MS); Miss La Petite– Celeste Wilson (CA); Our Little Miss– Alicia Sullivan (AR); Ideal Miss– Dawn Beccia (CA); Universal Girl– Share´ Johnson (TN); Universal Mrs.– Karen Leach (LA); Talent Winners– Heather Busbee (MS), Mary Jo Pierce (TX), Kimberly Bryan (AL), Margie Watkins (SC); Photogenic Winners– Samantha Lewis (AL), Laci Landry (LA), Brandi Bridges (TX), Carole Ann Kildron (LA), Jana McCoy (TX), Teresa Taylor (SC); Universal Beauties– Julie Woods (TX), Celeste     Wilson (CA), Tatum Hubbard (TX), Paula Narez (LA), Kimberly Bryan (AL). On Nov. 21, the birth of Marge Hannaman’s second grandchild, Brian Casey Chandler.


1986– New Orleans, LA at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel as the host hotel. Two hundred and twenty– five winners, directors and families joined the Educational Tour to Freeport Princess Resort in the Bahamas. Baby Petite– Kimberly Hanna (CA), Miss La Petite– Christa Treece (AR); Our Little Miss– Erika Chavarria (CA); Ideal Miss– Michelle Beaupre (TX); Universal Girl– Pattie Board (SC); Universal Mrs.– Eva Sharp (CA); Talent Winners– Kera Morrison (TX), Heather Quarles (CA), Yvette Dalton (CA), Karen Sherman (AR); Photogenic Winners– Heather Williams (LA), Stephanie Shuford (TX), Tina Larson (CA), Katheryn Harris (AR), Kelley Durham (TX), Lauri Kirkland (TX), Universal Beauties– Kandice Moss (TN), Jessica Wesson (AL), Shawna Marler (OK), Michelle Beaupre (TX), Carole Ann Kildron (LA), Eva Sharp (CA).

1987– Orlando, Florida– Stouffer Orlando Resort Hotel. The Educational Tour was spent in Nassau Bahamas at the Wyndham Ambassador Beach Hotel. Approximately 130 winners, directors, and families joined the group as they celebrated the Silver Anniversary of Universal Pageant System. Baby Petite– Valicia Hartman (TX); Miss La Petite– Cari Treece (AR); Our Little Miss– Jamie Wiens (CA); Ideal Miss– Melissa Liles (TN); Universal Girl– Susan Leavell (LA); Universal Mrs– Carolyn McEachern (MS); Universal Beauties– Carli Wise (TX); Rebecca Alison (AL); Jamie Wiens (CA); Lori Gebers (CO); Susan Leavell (LA); Patricia Grant (CA); Talent Winners– Brittany Benov (CA); Shelly Lambert (CA); Karen Konnoff (CA); Elise Stiefel (NJ); Alisa Swayze (TX); Photo-genic Winners– Miranda Megee (CA); Brittany Benov (CA); Brenda Borra’ (CO); Traci Thompson (CA); Vanessa McLaughlin (CA); Alisa Swayze (TX); Mini Winners– Meagan Morgan (TX); Samantha Lewis (AL); Katie Tompkins (AL); Michelle Duke (AL); Personality Plus– Jessica Crawley (SC); Ashley Young (CA).

1988– Houston, Texas, Wyndham South Park Hotel. Universal hosted an exciting cruise on Carnival Cruise Liner Carnival. Guests on the cruise were the six official queens who enjoyed the Caribbean including Nassau and Freeport. Baby Petite– Heather Blackman (LA); Miss La Petite– Samantha Lewis (AL); Our Little Miss– Jennifer Kiel (CA); Ideal Miss– Michelle Duke (AL); Universal Girl– Yvette Dalton (CA); Universal Mrs.–     Norma Moses (NJ); Universal Beauties– Shana Hunt (SC), Dena Bryant (MS), Heather Long (LA), Abby Smith (TX), Samantha Lewis (AL), Alisa Swayze (TX); Photogenic Winners– Maya Ferrara (LA), Vanessa Laurent (LA), Hope Biles (MS), Malania Steward (TX), Kelly Durham (TX), Jane Williams (LA); Talent Winners– Kendra Geci (AL), Joy Barnes(AL), Charlee Hanna (TX); Kelly Wyatt Smith (AL).

1989– Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally’s Resort Hotel. Baby Petite– Brittany Hall (AL); Miss La Petite– Catherine Curtis (AL); Our Little Miss– Celeste Wilson (CA); Ideal Miss– Krista Warren (CA); Universal Girl– Heather Quarles (CA); Universal Mrs.– Cyndi Arretche (CA); Universal Beauties–    Rosemary Landano (CA), Ashley Arcement (AL), Vonda Hartman (TX), Kammie Timmons (TX), Melissa Taylor (MS), Sherry Jones (TN); Photogenic Winners– Rachel Uhler (NV), Alicia Starks (NV), Amy Hydrick (AL), Dawnett Faucett (TX), Pamela Webb (CA), Leslie Jones (TX); Talent Winners– Tricia Daniels (GA), Kelly Daniels (GA), Shmaine Shepherd (AZ), Karen Konnoff (CA).

1990– San Antonio, Texas– Marriott Riverwalk. Baby Petite– Tiffany Morgan (MS); Miss La Petite– Kimberly Hanna (CA); Our Little Miss– Tia Stewart (AL); Ideal Miss– Karie Craven (MS); Universal Girl– Danielle Hunt (SC); Universal Mrs.-Pamela Mueggenborg (OK); Universal Beauties– Heather Lee (AL), Kelly Zuurbier (CA), Keisha Shoats (LA), Tanya Stephens (AL), Jeanine Payne (TX), Sharon Mollenkamp (CA); Photogenic Winners– Leslie Jones (TX), Meagan Smith (CA), Jennifer Durbin (AL), Misti Nations (TX), Melissa Taylor (MS), Dee Ann Cosper (TX). Talent Winners– Leslie Jones (TX), Tricia Daniels (GA), Kelly Faulkner (NJ), Kelly Portenstein (NV), Jennifer Brown (CA), Dee Ann Cosper (TX).

1991-Irving, Texas– Harvey Hotel VFW. Baby Petite– Ashley Slaughter (CA); Miss La Petite– Elizabeth Richards (AL); Our Little Miss– Paige Crane (TN); Ideal Miss– Joy Barnes (AL); Universal Girl– Valerie Grantham (MS); Universal Mrs.– Claudia Sproles (CA); Universal Beauties– Ashleigh Augustin (MS), Heather Barnes (TX), Misty Grantham (MS), Christi Curry (AL), Jennifer Hilsinger (CA), Karen Skinner (AR); Universal Beauty Mini Queens– Chanda Ingram (AL), Kelly O’Brien (CA), Christen Clark (AL), Andrea Prince (TN), Julie Stiefel (NJ); Personality Plus– Katie Pruessner (Turkey), Kelly O’Brian (CA); Talent Winners- Dorothy Roberts (SC), Nina Warren (MS), Cheryl Daggett (CA); Photogenic Winners– Erica Hammons (MS), Janelle Martinez (SC), Christen Clarke (AL), Leslie Thornton (TN), Samantha Potthoff (CA).

1992-Tulsa, Oklahoma– Sheraton Kensington Hotel and Oral Roberts University. Baby Petite– Shannon Pickle (TX); Miss La Petite-Jodie McDonald (FL); Our Little Miss– Samantha Horton (AL); Ideal Miss– Kara Alford (AR); Universal Girl– Casey Crow (LA); Universal Mrs.– Lisa Scholta (CA); Universal Beauties– Madison Page (MS), Nicole Pitts (CA), Kasie Lessard (LA), Dana Easterling (MS), Misty Davis (NC), Beth Stoup (AL); Photogenic Winners– Nikki Wood (MS), Ashley Angle (AL), Christen Clarke (AL), Leslie Amrich (NJ), Cheryl Daggett (CA), Jacque`Odom (MS); Talent Winners– Shannon Pickle (TX), Heidi Butler (TN), Tricia Daniels (GA), Kelly Daniels (GA), Cheryl Daggett (CA), Jacque`Odom (MS).

1993– New Orleans, Louisiana– Clarion Hotel. Baby Petite–  Keri Dunagan (AL); Miss La Petite– Nicole Pitts (CA); Our Little Miss–  Katie Stuart (CA); Ideal Miss– Jennifer Kurtz (AL); Universal Girl– Julie Danneman  (CA); Universal Mrs.– Sharmon LeBlanc (LA); Universal Beauties– Brittany Rios (CA), Amanda Cooper (AL), Samantha Lewis (AL), Michelle Hoffman (AL), Shellye Alford (AR), Dee Ann Oliver (TX); Talent Winners– Jessica  Wade (AR), Sadie Brown (CA), Christen Clarke (AL), Sarah Eggleston (MS), Krystal Alderete (CA); Photogenic Winners– Haley Throckmorton (TX), Catherine Odom (AL), Anna Reynolds (AL), Amy Clark (AL).

1994– Baton Rouge, Louisiana– Hilton Hotel. Baby Petite– Whitney Page (MS); Miss La Petite- Krystin Deshotel (LA); Our Little Miss– Samantha Lewis (AL); Ideal Miss– Michelle Hoffmann (AL); Universal Mrs. – Tammy Siebarth (LA); In February of 1996 Federal Trademark and Trademarks were purchased by World Youth Federation of the Americas, Inc. owned by Marge Hannaman’s daughter Teri Chandler.

1995– Houston, Texas– Sheraton Astrodome/Houston Astrodome Arena. Baby Petite-Victoria Corr (GA); Miss La Petite– Madison Page (MS); Our Little Miss– Kelly Sloan (TN); Our Little Miss Pre-teen– Heather Goodwin (MS); Ideal Miss– Tresha Lilly (AL); Universal Girl– Robin Taylor (AL);    Universal Young Ms.-Etta Shows (MS); Universal Mrs.-Alisa Swayze (TX); Universal Beauties– Taylor Hatfield (TX), Madylin Sweeten (TX), Dallas Page (MS), Lynsey Moon (AL), Falishia Pfleghar (TX), Amy Banks (MS), Tina Reid (MS), Misty Page (MS).

1996– Baton Rouge, Louisiana– Hilton Hotel. Baby Petite– Emily Florence (TX); Miss La Petite-Jessalyn Phillips (TX); Our Little Miss– Danielle Smith (MS); Our Little Miss Pre-teen– Alexis Pomierski (MS); Ideal Miss-Samantha Lewis (AL); Universal Girl-Olivia Irons (MS); Universal Young Ms– Dee-Ann Sheppard (TX); Universal Mrs.-Misty Page (MS); Universal Beauties– Kendall Fausak (AL), Micah  Taylor (MS), Brittany Hall (AL), Kayce Berthelot (LA), Misty Giles (TX), Lani Dixon (AL), Amy Banks– Bullock (MS), Peggy Reid (MS); Our Little Miss featured again on an update for CBS 60 Minutes. The topic was “Where Are They Now?” Host Morley Safer, his executive staff and Our Little Miss executives searched the nation for the girls featured 20 years ago when the first show aired in 1977. The results were astounding, as the principles featured were all extremely    successful in their fields and credited their years of pageantry for their continued success.

1997– Houston, Texas– Wyndham Warwick Hotel. Baby Petite- Kaitlyn Phillips (TX); Miss La Petite– Shaynna Hamilton (MS); Our Little Miss– Madison Highland (TX); Our Little Miss Pre-teen– Brittany Hall (AL); Ideal Miss– Courtney Dunstan (NY); Universal Girl– Michelle Hoffmann (AL); Universal Young MS– Rebecca Munn (SC); Universal Mrs.-Cheryl Throckmorton (TX); Universal Beauties– Allison Langley (SC); Chelsea Seitz (AL); Devin Seibrath (LA); Rachel Hoffman (TX); Lacey Key (MS); Cathy Smith (MS); Etta Shows (MS); Our Little Miss/ World Youth Federation enjoyed their educational tour to Nassau, Bahamas and Disney World, Orlando. On numerous occasions past Our Little Miss winners were featured on David Letterman including: 1985 World’s Baby Petite– Lacey Chabert. She can be seen on Fox Network’s “Party of Five” and the blockbuster  movie “Lost in Space.” On March 27, the birth of Marge Hannaman’s third grandchild, Jacob Lewis Sternbaum.

1998– Branson, Missouri– Lodge of the Ozarks/Roy Clark Theater. Baby Petite-Caylee Smith (MS); Miss La Petite– Staci Easly (TX); Our Little Miss– Tillery Throckmorton (TX); Our Little Miss Preteen-Misty Moore (TX); Ideal Miss-Holly Sloan (TN); Universal Girl– Robin Wade (MS); Universal Mrs.– Tina Zochert (TX); Universal Classic Ms.– Sharmon LeBlanc (LA); Universal Beauties– Cheyenne Anderson (MS); Kelly Dillon (MS); Marissa Gregory (TX); Dallas Page (MS); Emily Rose Rice (AL); Courtney Ezzell (TX); June Hutson (TX); Stephanie Emrick (LA).

1999– Branson, Missouri– Lodge of the Ozarks/Roy Clark Theater– Baby Petite– Brooke Zochert (TX); Miss La Petite– Carlee Windham (MS); Our Little Miss– Haley Throckmorton (TX); Our Little Miss Preteen-Ashton Rel (AL); Ideal Miss-Nikki Chinners (FL); Universal Girl– Tiffany Barry (AL); Universal Mrs.– Shannon Snyder (TX); Universal Classic Ms.– Stephanie Emrick (LA); Universal Beauties– Katelyn Perry (MS); Kaitlyn Yarbrough (AL); Hannah May (MS); Devin Rashid (TX); Sierra Terry (WY); Ashley Pruitt (TX); Katie Gale (SC); Tabatha Horton (AL); Lacy Key (MS); Patti White (LA); Crystal Lowe (MS); Our Little Miss/ World Youth Federation enjoyed their trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year for the World Christmas Party. Our Little Miss and Rich Blend were chosen for the Pre-show entertainment for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in their, “Christmas Extravaganza.”

2000– Branson, Missouri– Lodge of the Ozarks/Roy Clark. Baby Petite– Katelyn Perry (MS); Miss La Petite– Kaitlyn Yarbrough (AL); Our Little Miss– Paige Richardson (MS); Our Little Miss Preteen– Tillery Throckmorton (TX); Ideal Miss– Tabatha Horton (AL); Universal Girl—Samantha    Horton (AL); Universal Classic Ms. – Etta Shows (MS); Universal Mrs. – Teresa Taylor (SC). Since its inception this is the first time in history to separate the two World Finals giving Universal Beauty its own competition complete with its own World Finals. World’s Universal Beauty was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Marriott in Franklin, Tennessee. The Universal Beauties winners were– Cheyenne Davis (TX); Emily Swonke (TX); Devlyn Galvan (IN); Haley Nichols (SC); Brianna Harford (MS); Jason Felts (MS); Jordan Fonville (MS); Shelbe Moses (LA); Kegan Pruessner (TX); Samantha Moiren (AL); Nikki Chinners (FL); Jacquelyn Goller (LA); Susan Felts (MS); Valerie Jones (TX).

2001-Biloxi, Mississippi-President Broadwater Resorts. Baby Petite- Kessley Miller (OK); Miss La Petite– Hannah May (MS); Our Little Miss–   Kelsey Eastham (TX); Our Little Miss Preteen– Heather Garrett (MS); Ideal Miss– Scarlette O’ Hara (AL); Universal Girl– Aleda Moore (MS); Universal Mrs.– Debbie Tushnet (TX); Universal Classic Ms.– Courtney Ezzell (TX); This year was the first year to introduce the Golden Award of Excellence Award. This honor is presented to the girl who shows a quality that surpasses all others when it comes to abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the Corporation from appropriate clothing, punctuality and following deadlines, etc. The first Golden Award of Excellence is Chelsea Seitz (AL). World Universal Beauty– Double Tree/Legacy Town Center, Plano, Texas. Universal Beauties– Shelby Rae Ross (AL); Sarah Quinnelly (AL); E’Llise Trosclair (LA); Taylor Markve (OK); Shaynna Hamilton (MS); Donna Lewis (MS); Meghan Duhon (LA); Jessica McRaney (MS); Rachel Brewer (TX); Amy Bullock (MS); Brandi Blevins (OK). On July 20, Marge Hannaman’s first great-grandchild and Teri Chandler’s first grandchild, Alexis Noelle Mouton was born.

2002– Dallas, Texas– Dallas/Farmers Branch, Texas– Omni Dallas Hotel– All staging events and the 540,000 Pennies of Hope Fundraiser were held at the Neotropolis Theatre. Baby Petite-Makayla Dean (CA); Miss La Petite– LeAnna Jacobs (SC); Our Little Miss– Karlie Merten (CA); Our Little Miss Preteen– Laura Treim (AZ); Ideal Miss– Elena Keith (AZ); Universal Girl– LeSanneo McLaughlin- (Cayman Islands); Universal Mrs.– Mary Chadwick- (AZ); Golden Award Of Excellence– June Hutson (TX). World Universal Beauty(2003)– Memphis, Tennessee– Memphis Marriot– This year the Our Little Miss family welcomed Ten Mile Drive (Cole Bruce, Shay Watson and Jacob Wylee). This Contemporary Christian Trio resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Winners– Kileigh Kyle (TX); Tarrah Peters (AL); Katelyn Perry (MS); Sarah Howe (FL); Savannah Short (SC); Alicia Short (SC); Brittany Lewallen (MS); Dallas Page (MS); Lani Hatcher (AL); Emily Miller (MS); Tina Lynn (AL).

2003– Orlando, Florida—Radisson Hotel Orlando-The fundraiser for this year went to Matthew Haggerty, a St. Jude’s Patient. The Our Little Miss Pageant raised approximately $4,000 to help Matthew and his family. Mathew was able to meet the Our Little Miss Family and even participated in the fun and games at the theme party at Dixie Stampede. The Our Little Miss family added a new addition to its family, King Red, the official OLM Lion Mascot! Welcome to the Family! Baby Petite– Alexandria Neil (AL); Miss La Petite– Payton Yarbrough (AL); Our Little Miss– Savannah Short (SC); Our Little Miss Preteen– Ashley Wheeler (OK); Ideal Miss- Ashley Slaughter (CA); Universal Girl– Scarlette O’Hara (AL); Universal Ms.- Lani Hatcher (AL); Golden Award of Excellence– Shan Dixon (MS). World Universal Beauty (2004)-Biloxi, Mississippi– Imperial Palace. Winners–   0-18 mo– Kagan Teal (Mo); 19-36 mo.– Molli Coleman (LA); 3-4– Destiny Bacchus ( AR); 5-6-Macy Moyer (TN); 7-9– Natalie Wong (CA); 10-12– LeeAnna Walker (TX); 13-14– Laura Boyd (FL); 18-26–Brittany West (AL); 27 & up– Deborah Anderson (TX).

2004-New Orleans, Louisiana-Hilton New Orleans Riverside-This years’ fundraiser of choice was the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. Also to help raise money for this organization, OLM raffled off a Quilt that represented each State and Country involved with OLM. The Theme party took Place at The Aquarium of Americas with a “Picnic Under the Sea”. Baby Petite-Hannah Myers (MS); Miss La Petite– Autumn Gruber (GA); Our Little Miss– Joy Barlow (TX); Our Little Miss Preteen– Alicia Short (SC); Ideal Miss-Laura Boyd (FL); Universal Girl– Nikki Chinners (FL); Universal Ms. – Tina Lynn (AL). World Universal Beauty (2005); Houston, Texas ~ Wyndaham Greenspoint. Winners 0-18 mo-Alyssa Aragonez (TX); 19-36 mo.– Reagan Smith (TX); 3-4-Morghan Morris (UT); 5-6– Melanie Wood (GA); 7-9– Alexandra Wallace (TN); 10-12-Kathleen Boyd (FL); 13-14– Danielle McKeirnan (MO); 15-17– Viktoria Fomenko (RU); 18-26– Laura Rome (LA); 27 & Over– Yassin Young (FL).

2005-Phoenix, Arizona-Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa—This year’s charity of choice was the American Red Cross. The funds raised came in time to assist in the wake of the tragic Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. The first ever USA and participating country titles were also introduced into the line-up of royalty as was the World Princess titles for the official divisions for its successors. Baby Petite-Keiley Vessels (TX); Miss La Petite- Makayla Dean (CA); Our Little Miss-Macy Moyer (TN); Our Little Miss Preteen-Paige Ip (MS); Ideal Miss-Monika Guiberteau (LA); Universal Girl-Lana Henry (CA); Universal MS-Cathie Wood (GA); Golden Award of Excellence-Shari Madison (CA). World Universal Beauty (2006) ~ Wyndham Greenspoint, Houston, Texas. Winners: 0-18 mo-Britton Silva-Costa (CA); 19-36 mo-Emma-Kate Robinson (GA); 3-4-Kya Durrant (UT); 5-6-Leah Tyree (GA); 7-9-Mary Ashton Klingler (AL); 10-12-Faith Stanfield (LA); 13-14-Candace O’Dell (TX); 15-17-Laura Boyd (FL); 18-26-Joy Connolly (CI); 27 & Over-Teri Lynn Brock (GA).

2006-St. Louis, Missouri –The Millennium Hotel-This year’s charity of choice was Habitat for Humanity. The world delegates raised money for the Katrina victims along the Gulf Coast. Baby Petite-Christilina Robinson (Caymans); Miss La Petite-Blakely Channell (AL); Our Little Miss-Melanie Wood (GA); Our Little Miss Preteen-Natalie Wong (CA); Ideal Miss-Nichole Pertubal (FL); Universal Girl– Trisha Stephenson (FL); Universal Ms.- Jodee Rransdell (AZ); GAE– Kimberley Walton (Cayman). World Universal Beauty (2007) ~ Gaylord Entertainment Complex, Nashville, Tennessee. This year we welcomed a new addition to OLM family with the premiere of the King Red “Roar Into Action” Award Winning Movie. The premiere of the movie was shown at the “OLM Goes to Hollywood Theme Party”. We also welcomed the “Roar Into Action” Kids Club. Head Choreography– Dance (Erika Guiberteau) Vocal (Charles “Chuck” Berasi). This year we celebrated the birth of Marge Hannaman’s second great-granddaughter and Teri Chandler’s second granddaughter, Lily Claire Mouton. (0-18 M) Paris Afrakteh (TN); (19-36 M) Ella Grace Erdman (TN); (3-4) Kimberly Cox (TN); (5-6) Kalie Broderick (CI); (7-9) Macy Moyer (TN); (10-12) Ann Mansour (MS); (13-14) Kaitlyn Smith (FL); (15-17) Alicia Smith (TN); (18-26) Keriann Johnson (TN); (27 & up) Nicole Hammock (TN).

2007-Birmingham, Alabama –The Sheraton Birmingham Hotel/BJCC Theater-Baby Petite-Briley Martinez (CA); Miss La Petite-Abigale Evans (FL); Our Little Miss-Madison Brown (AL); Our Little Miss Preteen-Rachel Harless (AR); Ideal Miss-Valerie Smith (UT); Universal Girl-Lauren Moody (TN); Universal Ms.-Terri Gandy (NV); Golden Award of Excellence-Shannon Mathias (CA). World Universal Beauty (2008) - The Sheraton Birmingham Hotel: 0-18 Mo-Jada Terry (CI), 19-36 Mo-Emma Probasco (CA), 3-4 –Mackenzie Byard (TN), 5-6-Arleny Connor (CI), 7-9-Kaytlin Attlee (TX), 10-12- Cierra Meeks (FL), 13-14-Alexandra Winski (AZ), 15-17-Katie Prendergast (LA), 18-26-Jeanne-Elise Stebly (MS), 27 & over-Carol Gregg-Gordon (JM).

2008– Orlando, Florida –Gaylord Palms Resort and Hotel/Convention Center. Baby Petite-Madison Plumlee (CA), Miss La Petite-Kennedy Silva- Costa (CA), Our Little Miss-Morgan King (LA), Our Little Miss Preteen-Kayla Kraft (FL), Ideal Miss-Courtney Brewster (AZ), Universal Girl-Ashley Slaughter (CA), Universal Ms.-Laurie Ryan (TX), and Golden Award of Excellence-Blake-lyn Giles (TN). This year’s queens were presented with the new official robes. World’s Universal Beauty (2009)- San Marcos, Texas-Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center: 0-18 mo-M’Kalia Meyers (LA), 19-36 mo- Allyse Abbott (WY), 3-4-Victoria Evans (MO), 5-6-Vina Legaspina (NV), 7-9-Alyssa Morgan (LA), 10-12-Hannah Mayeux (LA), 13-14-Liesl Oestriecher (LA), 15-17-Kaitlyn Smith (FL),  27 & up-Johnna Rose (TX).

2009-Orlando Florida– Gaylord Palms Resort and Hotel/Convention Center. Baby Petite-Ella Grace Hatcher (FL), Miss La Petite-McKenzie Shirley (AL), Our Little Miss-Brec Bassinger (TX), OLM Preteen-Mariah Perez (AZ), Ideal Miss-Chelsea Seitz (AL), Universal Girl-Desiree Wiley (NY), Universal Ms.-Katie Stuckey (NC). This was the first year GAE has been split into Junior and Senior divisions. Jr. Golden Award of Excellence- Allison Kort (CA), Sr. Golden Award of Excellence-Mercedes Lakhicharran (GA). This year we celebrated the birth of Marge Hannaman’s third great-granddaughter and Teri Chandler’s third granddaughter, Olivia Grace Chandler. World’s Universal Beauty (2010)-San Marcos, Texas Embassy Suites and Convention Center. World’s Universal Beauty (2010)-Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center, San Marcos, Texas: (0-2) Zoey Palmer-MS, (3-6) Hannah Brotherton-AR, (7-9) Shelbie Crabtree-TN, (10-12) Kianda Parchmont-CI, (18-26) Racquel James-CI.

2010-Phoenix, Arizona-Camel Back Inn-Resort/Convention Center. World Youth Federation/Our Little Miss, Inc. hosted the 1st ever WYF Children’s Day. Over 100 vendors from all of the Nation set up booths to help raise money for the various charities sponsored. Special Guest Star was       Gordon, from Sesame Street. Winners: Baby Petite-Ava Grace Basinger-NC, Miss La Petite-Alyssa Paige Willis-TX, Our Little Miss-EmilyClaire Peden-TX, Our Little Miss Preteen-Kaitlyn Attlee-CA, Ideal Miss-Haley Brother-ton-AR, Universal Girl-Erin Husbands-LA, Universal Ms.-Mary Chadwick-AZ, Senior Golden Award of Excellence-Michelle Lee-CA. World’s Universal Beauty (2011)-Westin Park Central, Dallas, Texas: (0-2) Braylee Bergin (MS); (3-6) Ainsley Reeves (LA); (7-9) Kileigh Kyle (TX); (13-17) Sara-Beth Smith (TX); (18-26) Kirstin Leineke (FL); (27 & up) Desiree Peden (TX).

2011– Nashville, Tennessee –Embassy Suites and Conference Center. To help kick off the 50th anniversary celebration, Our Little Miss revealed the new version of the coveted World Crowns. The new crowns showcased the OLM Logo in full metal adorned with crystal and red rhinestones. As always the World official crown was finished with the world famous red poof. During the theme party, singer/songwriter Joe Diffy, performed his #1 hits as the World delegation, contestants, family and staff enjoyed the show. Our Little Miss also hosted new comer to the county music world, Brent Anderson to her stages. Soon after, he began touring with country superstar, Brad Paisley. We also welcomed a new title to our    family, The World’s Our Little Miss Golden Princess. This award is intended to acknowledge a young girl who has overcome disabilities and proves that life is to be lived to its fullest despite the obstacles that we are faced with. This year’s winner is Mikayla Scheetz (TN). World Official Winners- Baby Petite– Brianna Bernard (FL); Miss La Petite-Delaney DePue (FL); Our Little Miss-Miracle Powell (TN); OLM Preteen-Emily Evans (AR); Ideal Miss-Macie Myrick (AL); Universal Girl-Kaitlyn Smith (FL); Universal Ms.-Amy Batts (TX); Jr Golden Award of Excellence-Leah Tyree (GA); Sr Golden Award of Excellence-Opal Danielle Guillory (LA). (2012) World’s Universal Beauty, Westin Park Central, Dallas, Texas-This competition kicked off the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Our Little Miss system. Past queens from all over the world came to celebrate and welcome the newly crowned World Beauty Winners- (0-2) Raimey LaFontaine (MS); (3-6) M’kalia Meyers (LA); (7-9) Alyssa Willis (TX), (10-12) Gabrielle Arcilla (AZ); (13-17) Nancy Peck (LA); (18-28) Peyton Ryan (TX); (29+Years) Desiree Azevedo (CA).

2012– Jacksonville, Florida-Hyatt Regency. In 1962 a lady by the name of Marge Hannaman had a dream a dream that was Our Little Miss. 50 years later that dream is still alive and this competition marked this special anniversary year. Past World Official and Beauty winners traveled from all over the world to enjoy the royal festivities and see the crowning of the 50th anniversary World Official Winners. To commemorate this special year, the newly crowned royalty was crowned with the one-of-a-king gold World crowns. These are the only ones in the existence and no other gold world crowns will ever be made again. The 50th anniversary celebration was completed with a special fireworks display over the St. John’s River right outside the hotel. We gathered as a big family and this is an event that we will never forget. And the 50th Anniversary World Winners are...Baby Petite-Piper Alley (TX); Miss La Petite-Ava Grace Buxton (LA); Our Little Miss-Amanda Pirkowski (FL); Our Little Miss Preteen- Hanna Moran (FL); Universal Girl– Liesl Oestriecher (LA); Universal Ms.-M’Shay Callicott (AR); Golden Award of Excellence– Shelley Jacobs (CA); Golden Angel– Tara Pirkowski (FL). (2013) World’s Universal Beauty– Westin Park Central, Dallas, Texas– We returned to this fabulous hotel for the second year to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the Our Little Miss system. The theme party was a “righteous totally awesome” time as we relived the 80’s!! We welcomed the following to the Universal Beauty Family- (0-2) Eliza Prins (TX); (3-6) Gabriela Gonzales (CO); (7-9) Brooklyn Jackson (AL); (10-12) Delaney Walker (TX); (13-17) Payton Barrington (FL); (18-28) Bethany Cuevas (MS); (29+Years) Shelby Alley (TX).

2013-New Orleans, Louisiana Hyatt Regency. The Our Little Miss system was very happy to bring the World pageant back to her some state of Louisiana. This competition marked the end of the 50th anniversary “gold crowned” winners. With Our Little Miss entering her mid-century anniversary she has never looked better!! It was a very “sweet” finals with the Candy-Palooza theme and we welcomed our new winners, and they are...Baby Petite-Bentley Mason (MS), Miss La Petite– Madilyn Ware (MS), Our Little Miss– Patience Ferguson (FL), Our Little Miss Preteen–    Kennedy Silva-Costa (CA), Ideal Miss-Baylie Crawford (FL), Universal Girl-Chelsea Seitz (AL), Universal Ms.-Amber Sims (TN).

2014  World's Universal Beauty– San Marcos, Texas, Embassy Suites and Convention Center. (0-2 Years) Natalie Rabalais, LA: (3-6 Years) Addison Hedgpeth, MS; (7-9 Years) Macy Claire Mann (MS); (10-12 Years) Emily Batty, TN; (13-17 Years) Lindsay Bettis, FL; (18-28 Years) Alex Kroll, (FL); (29+ Years) Tiffiny Harvey, (MS).

2014-Miami, Florida. Doubletree by Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center. Our Little Miss went “Under the Sea” in the beautiful city of Miami. The heat of the summer heated up new beginning for the OLM system...we reinvented the USA and Universal titles as well as added a new character to the family, Kammie made her debut!! We also crowned our last Ms. Winner as we will retire this division after the closing of her reign. The newly crowned royalty for the 2015 reign: Baby Petite-Kaebrie Ritchie (TX), Miss La Petite– Autumn Sharp (LA), Our Little Miss-Kayce Taylor (FL), Our Little Miss Preteen-Lili Shuger (CO), Ideal Miss-Madison Ordway (FL), Universal Ms.-Grecian Berry (MS). (2013)-World’s Universal Beauty, Dallas, TX. Westin Park Central- (0-2) Bayliegh Lasater (WY/TX), (3-6) Piper Paisley Alley (TX), (7-9) M’kalia Meyers (LA), (10-12) Hannah Brotherton (AR), (13-17) Elise Liles (WY), (18-28) Caylee Smith (MS), (29+years) Laine Staten (MS).

 2015- Minneapolis, MN.  Marriott City Center Minneapolis Downtown.  This year was one for the books!! The entire Our Little Miss royalty, staff, contestants, family and friends had the honor of taking part in Our Little Miss Mall of America Day! The day-long event started as everyone enjoyed everything this Great Mall has to offer, from shopping, to dining and of course a one-of-a-kind indoor mega theme park! History was made when the World contestants, and reigning World winners took a group shot on the iconic Mall of America outdoor sign. This was a moment we will all cherish. Later in the day the reigning World Winners, King Red and Kammie had the privilege of hosting a show on the Barbie DreamHouse center stage. What a Day for OLM!! World preliminary competitions were held at the host hotel and finals conclude at the beautiful Minneapolis Convention Center Theater.  Baby Petite– Blakely Cockrell (MS), Miss La Petite—Lecia Martinez (MS), Our Little Miss-Kamille Brooks (OH), OLM Preteen– Sarah Dunsmore (FL), Ideal Miss– Julianna Kelbert (WY), Universal Girl-Crystal Van Kammen (CA). (2016) World's Universal Beauty– San Marcos, Texas. Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel, Spa & Conference Center. (0-2) Kaygan Blanchette (TX), (3-6) Presley Trull (LA), (7-9) Addison Credille (AL), (10-12) Victoria Evans (CA), (13-17) Taylor Townsend (FL), (18-28) Byrgundy Mallory (TN), (29+) Pat Kelly May (MS).


2016 - Eldorado Resort Casino, Reno, Nevada. The Biggest Little City in the World! World’s Our Little Miss made our mark and also paid tribute to Dr. Seuss! “Why Fit In, When You Were Born to Stand Out”! And this year we did just that. From the very beginning seeing our beautiful Our Little Miss logo up in lights in the Midway to giving away $30,000 in scholarships to the newly crowned World Our Little Miss Royalty. Our World’s Baby Petite—Remi Julian (TX), World’s Miss La Petite—Lily Jane Barker (WY), World’s Our Little Miss—Jacqueline Rose Schneider (WY), World’s Our Little Miss Preteen—Emma Wegner (TX), World’s Ideal Miss—Kileigh Kyle (TX) & World’s Universal Girl—Taylor Baines (FL). Marge Hannaman’s fourth great grandchild and first great grandson as well as Teri Chandler’s fourth grandchild and first grand son, Jack Maddox Chandler, was born on June 30, 2106.  2017 World's Universal Beauty—San Marcos, Texas. Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel, Spa & Conference Center. Our World Universal Beauty Royalty (0-2) Nevaeh Yarbrough (FL), (3-6) Raimey LaFontaine (LA), (7-9) Ava Grace Powers (TN), (10-12) Reagan Lowe (MS), (13-15) Delaney Walker (TX), (16-19) Hunter Gerard (FL), (20-28) Bethany Cuevas Tuminello (MS) & (29+) Randa Armentrout (AL).

2017—LaTorretta Lake Resort, Spa & Conference Center, Montgomery, Texas.  Home of famous Lake Conroe and the World Famous 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented a new Tradition with an Opening Parade and Welcome Party where the Official Judges, Guest Stars, Official and Universal Beauty World Winners, World Staff and World Board Members were joined by VIP members of LaTorretta Resort and their official Mascot to kick off the spectacular World Event. Followed by a pool party, fireworks and making their own smores it was a great way to open the 2017/2018 World Competition. Our Little Miss returned to their historical famous 40’ runways where all were presented like the Winner’s they are! Rounding out a fabulous week of competition the newly crowned winners were Baby Petite—Myla Boler (MS), Miss La Petite—Willow Campbell (MS), Our Little Miss—Addison Hedgpeth (MS), OLM Preteen—Macy Claire Mann (MS), Ideal Miss—Anna Leah Jolly (MS); Universal Girl—Carey Newman (FL); Universal Ms—Ashley Wilkinson (CA); Universal Classic Ms—Pat Kelly May (MS).  2018 World's Universal Beauty—San Marcos, Texas. Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel, Spa & Conference Center the World’s Universal Beauty Winners were (0-2) Loraleigh Anderson (MS), (3-6) Jalee White (MS), (7-9) Anderson Pinegar (TX), (10-12) M’Kalia Meyers (LA), (13-15) Alyssa Willis (TX), (16-19) Madison Ordway (FL),  (29+) Alexis Yarbrough (FL).

2018—LaTorretta Lake Resort, Spa & Conference Center, Montgomery, Texas.  Home of famous Lake Conroe, we continued last year’s tradition with an Opening Parade and Welcome Party where the Official Judges, Guest Stars, Official and Universal Beauty World Winners, World Staff and World Board Members were joined by VIP members of LaTorretta Resort and their official Mascot to kick off the spectacular World Event.  Our Little Miss returned to their historical famous 40’ runways where all were presented like the Winner’s they are! Rounding out a fabulous week of competition the newly crowned winners were Baby Petite-Laecyn Allen (LA), Miss La Petite-Aubree Hudson (MS), Our Little Miss-Raquel Holmes (NM), Our Little Miss Preteen-Kaelyn Hollingsworth (MS), Ideal Miss-Meredith Adams (MS), Universal Girl-Baylie Crawford (FL), Universal MS.-Bethany Tuminello (MS), Universal Classic MS.– Felicia Renfro (AL). (2019) World's Universal Beauty– Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Baton Rouge Marriott. This was a huge milestone for the Our Little Miss program-coming home to the city where Our Little Miss was founded by Marge Hannaman in 1962 did not disappoint. So many of our past Our Little Miss girls were in attendance as contestants and special guest stars. It brought the “Once a Queen, Always a Queen at Our Little Miss” to life. The fabulous grand finals were held at the Louisiana State University Union Theater. Bringing the Past to the Present is one memory that will last a lifetime in the History of Our Little Miss. Your 2019 World’s Universal Beauty Winners are- (0-2) Myla Boler-MS; (3-6): Juliette deMoya-FL; (7-9): Juliette Taylor -MS; (10-12): Julia Cox-LA; (13-15): Emma Cockrell -MS; (16-19): Ryleigh Stephenson- FL; (20-28): Callie Jimenez-TX; (29+): Tenesa Smith-FL.  Marge Hannaman’s fifth great grandchild as well as Teri Chandler’s fifth grandchild, Reagan Elizabeth Chandler, was born on May 28, 2019.  

2019 St. Augustine, FL Renaissance World of Golf. Combining the oldest city in the world, picturesque Atlantic Ocean, and the world’s most beautiful contestants, this was a World finals for the books. Our exciting Grand Finals were held in the private Flagler College Performing Arts Theatre in St. Augustine. New royalty crowned included Baby Petite-Marianna Canado (CA), Miss LaPetite- Kinsley Partridge (MS), Our Little Miss- Kay Culberson (MS), Our Little Miss Preteen- M’Kayla Myers (MS), Ideal Miss-Kayleigh Clark (MS), Universal Girl- Hannah Brotherton (AR), Universal Ms.-Crystal Tolliver (FL), and Universal Classic Ms.-Laurie Ryan (TX). World’s Universal Beauty was in Baton Rouge, LA at the fabulous Marriott Hotel and Convention center.The fabulous grand finals were once againheld at the Louisiana State University Union Theater. Bringing the Past to the Present is one memory that will last a lifetime in the History of Our Little Miss. Your 2020 World’s Universal Beauty Winners are- (0-2) Ashlyn Wainwright- AL; (3-6): Oakleigh Davis- MS; (7-9): Karlie Hegemeyer-TX; (10-12): Carmen Dominguez- MS; (13-15): Paisley Grace McDaniel -MS; (16-19): Latecia Bush- CI; (20-28): Haley Brotherton-TX; (29+): Tiffany Colton-FL.

2020 Hilton Lake, Las Vegas. Just minutes from the lights and excitement of the Las Vegas strip, the Hilton Lake Resort was the breath taking backdrop for our delegates and their families. Despite a global pandemic, contestants from all over came to compete for the coveted titles. Competition took place closer to the city at the Rhythms Event Center and crowned the official winners were Baby Petite-Sawyer Shivers (LA), Miss LaPetite-Ellie Lane Alexander (MS), Our Little Miss-MilaAvina (CA), Our Little Miss Preteen- Carson Grace Tidmore (AL), Ideal Miss- Jordan Adams (AL), Universal Girl- Makayla Rose Dean (CA), Universal Ms.- Rhiannon Beattie (FL), and Universal Classic Ms.- Megan McMann (FL). World's Universal Beauty was held close to home at the Marriott in Baton Rouge, LA.  Still experiencing limitations from the ongoing pandemic, OLM contestants still traveled to be a part of the 59th year of pageantry. Casey Chadler and his wife Rebecca stepped back in to full time roles on executive staff and we broadcasted live on OLMtv which was viewed by over one million people worldwide.  World winners crowned included: 0-2-Winsley Fields (AR), 3-6- Brooke Hardy (TX), 7-9 Addison Dabbs (MS), 10-12- Anderson Pinegar (TX), 13-15 Gracie Hinrichs (LA),

16-20- Brooklyn Jackson (AL), 21-28- Joanna Fisher (LA), 29-up- Hope Campbell (MS).

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