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August, 2022

13th- Monticello (MS)

14th- Magee (MS)

20th- Missoula (MT)
              Burnet (TX)

27th- Greater New Orleans (LA)

28th- Tyler (TX)

             Merced (CA)



September, 2022

3rd- Shreveport (LA)
4th- Brandon (MS)
           Lake Jackson (TX)
           Bay Area (CA)
           Alexandria (LA)

10th- Monroe (LA)
11th- Bakersfield (CA)

18th- Newark (NJ)

24th- Modesto (CA)
             Monroe (LA)
25th- King of Prussia (PA)
              Southwest LA

October, 2022

3rd- Fresno (CA)
9th- Southern California Preliminary

14th-16th-  Mississippi State 
                         Alabama State 

21st-23rd- Louisiana State 

28th-30th- California State 
                          Texas State
29th-30th-  Florida State
30th-             Tri-Point Regional

May, 2022

7th-Georgia State
7th-Arkansas State
15th- Tri-Point Regional (includes MD, DE & PA)
15th- Virginia Qualifier

July 2-9, 2022

World's Our Little Miss
60th Anniversary
Washington, D.C. 

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