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Tips on how to study in college are valuable for students who are entering a university for the first time. Obviously, the study habits that they have developed during Elementary and High School may not be applicable in college because of the large volume of complicated subjects that one has to learn in order to have a bright career in the future. Thankfully, the New York Times (NYT) came up with a comprehensive article on great tips on how to study in college. You will probably observe that some of these tips may go against the study strategies that you have been taught in the past.


How to Study in College

What’s the Perfect Study Room First of all, you commonly hear the advice that you should just study in the same study place. However, in studies conducted by cognitive scientists, it has been found that you have better retentive quality of you study in alternating places. If you change the places where you study, the greater would be your memory retention.

Tools of Aid how to study in college Next, while studying, make use of flash cards. The more you write down notes and definitions, the easier it would be for you to memorize and remember them. The use of flash cards will also enable you to come up with useful mnemonics and associative phrases that will make recall more convenient.

Many students make the mistake of categorizing themselves. Some would say they are visual learners while others say they learn easily by ear. Others would say they are left brained or right brained. Rather than fix yourself in a learning category, determine instead what study strategies are best for you.

A Subject Every Hour Don’t just focus yourself on one subject alone for hours on end. According to study daddy it is better that you study each subject for one hour at a time, taking ten minute breaks in between.

Discover great study resources on campus.

Study Groups how to study in collegePerhaps one of the best study resources is a homework group with your peers. Studies have shown that studying with your peers will not only help you to reduce your study load, it will also allow for greater comprehension of the subject material. Just make sure that you and your peers are indeed studying, instead of just playing around and talking about boys/girls.

You and your homework group should also take advantage of the resources that your school has to offer. Visit the library and check out the books and computer files. According to studydaddy tutor having difficulty with that chemistry project? Ask permission from your professor to use the lab.

One very important tip that you should not forget is to try to keep yourself healthy. Eat a healthy diet that is conducive to the brain, such as fruits and vegetables. Reduce your intake of sweets and junk foods. To keep you always on the alert, make sure that you exercise regularly. Last but not least, get enough sleep at night. Have a fixed sleep time. Doing all nighters will only make tire out your brain.

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