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Our Little Miss World's Most Loved

Who do you want to send a special I LOVE YOU

Valentine’s note to… your parents, grandparents, or friends? Surprise them by not only sending a note filled with words from your heart but also enter them in the World’s Most Loved contest.

Submit your note, upload pictures, and submit their entry of $1.00 at All monetary donations submitted in our TOP 10 names will be sent to the recipient by the Marge

Hannaman Scholarship Foundation. Whoever receives the most notes will be named the 2024 WORLD’S MOST LOVED!

See our love notes so far in the comments!

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Who holds the key to my heart? Denita that's who!


I love the way you always find a way to make me laugh, even on the tough days. Denita, no one has a sense of humor like you.


You put your heart and soul into being an OLM Director, Denita. It is truly your passion



Loving you makes life work living. I can't imagine my life without you, Denita.

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