Home of the World's Our Little Miss Official & Beauty Scholarship Competitions 

It's  nice to be important, but more important to be nice.

                                                   -OLM Pageant Motto

2018 World's Universal Beauty Royalty 

​0-2 years: Loraleigh Anderson-MS, 3-6 years: Jalee White-MS

7-9 years: Anderson Pinegar-TX, 10-12 years: M'Kalia Meyers-LA
13-15 years: Alyssa Willis-TX, 16-19 years: Madison Ordway- FL
20-28 years: Brittany Davis-MS, 29+ years: Alexis Yarbrough-FL

2019 World's Official Royalty 

Baby Petite:  Miss La Petite: Aubree Hudson (MS)

Our Little Miss: Raquel Holmes (NM), OLM Preteen: Kaelyn Hollingsworth (MS)

Ideal Miss: Meredith Adams (MS), Universal Girl: Bailey Crawford (FL), 

​Universal Ms: Bethany Tuminello (MS), Universal Classic Ms: Felicia Renfroe (AL)