Home of the World's Our Little Miss Official & Beauty Scholarship Competitions 

World Regulations (Conduct rules to be followed by all contestants/chaperones)

Report to all functions/competitions at the specified check-in times listed on the schedule that is given in your packet. Those reporting late will be given an infraction (warning), if you are late a second time a violation will be given and you will not be considered in the Top 10.

Once your child has been checked-in for competition, only designated staff members will be able to help if quick changes need to be made. Please make sure you check all outfits for violations before checking in. If your child makes Top 10 only the listed chaperone or approved vendors will be allowed backstage to help change the contestant, if an attire change is required.

Contestants will NOT be allowed to wear their reigning crowns and banners until after finals. Crowns and banners cannot be worn in any roster or photogenic pictures submitted for the program. This rule does NOT apply to the any special pre/post-function days.

Consumption or use of alcoholic beverages and or illegal drugs will not be allowed by parents/chaperones or contestants in or around the staging areas. This could cause automatic disqualification. This is a children’s event and should not be considered a free-for-all party in the hotel. It will be at the discretion of the pageant officials as to the severity of the action and the matter will be handled accordingly. Children cannot be left in hotel rooms alone at any time!! Please think Children First!!

Smoking is NOT allowed in or around the staging areas or in the dressing rooms. Please use the designated smoking area of the hotel. Contestants (all ages) are NOT allowed to smoke at any time during the competition. If caught by a pageant official, a violation will be given.

Although every contestant has a parent or appointed guardian, pageant officials will stop any unacceptable conduct (i.e. fowl language, abusive punishment, activities that could be harmful, contestants smoking, excessive gossiping, rude behavior, and distasteful clothing). Any of the above mentioned can be cause for disqualification. If necessary the contestant and attending guests will be asked to leave the property and all competition fees will be forfeited

Any photo used in the program book, additional advertising, Miss Photogenic or Commercial Print, must portray the contestant’s age, low cut clothing, over done make-up and large earrings are not advisable, especially on the younger contestants. No photo submitted to world headquarters can be retouched or digitally enhanced and will not be used in the program book! The official program book will be printed on time. All deadlines will be enforced and the book will be printed without your picture if deadlines are not met. We will not hold the book open for any contestant. If your photo does not appear in the program book, you will not be considered for the Top 10.

Official Pageant Photographer– The OLM official photographer will be the ONLY one allowed to take pictures and videos in the ballroom, theater and staging areas. If any one from the audience is seen breaking this rule, the contestant will receive an infraction. You are allowed to take pictures/video in and around the hotel-just not staging areas. We also monitor social media to see if any pictures were posted of staged events, if found this will also lead to a contestant’s infraction.

No posting of Official ballots, ratings, etc. is allowed. At no time will any discussions take place with the official judges. Judge’s comments will be given to your state/regional/country director after the pageant is over. Do not call World Headquarters for your comments. All comments will be given back to you in a constructive form...directors will not give the actual judge’s sheet. This is to protect the contestant, only constructive critiques will be given.

Our Little Miss is a non-glitz pageant. However, jewels, sequins, sparkly embellishments, etc. CAN be worn in all events with the exception of Sportswear. We ask that adornments be conservative and allow the contestant to shine first…not the dress/outfit. Age appropriate make-up is allowed for all age divisions.

Contestant’s social media posts, during the competition, will me monitored by World Headquarters and anything that goes against the reputation an/ord standards set forth by Our Little Miss, Inc. could cause immediate disqualification and could lead to an immediate forfeit of any reigning titles you are holding for OLM.

Spray tanning will not be permitted on hotel property during the duration of the competition, this includes early bird days. This will be cause for disqualification

Contestants ages 0-12 years are not allowed to wear fake nails or tips (hand or toes) during any phase of competition. Polish for ages 0-12 years must be clear

Sexy, overdone clothing is not acceptable. Expensive designer clothing is not necessary. Competition clothing can NOT have open sides or cut outs. Body glitter is NOT allowed during competition.

No extremely low necklines are permitted in any phase of competition. No earrings that are extremely large will be permitted on younger children

No disrobing or garment removal in any phase of Official competition will be permitted.

No visual drawings (Tattoos) are permitted to be seen and must be covered at all times.

Wigs/Falls/Hair pieces-Fake hair is only allowed if a medical condition is presented. A note from a licensed physician is required. Fake hair/Wigs will be allowed for talent and theme parties. Fake hair is not allowed in any official competition or at any casual time while in the host hotel. Fake eyelashes are allowed on ages 18+

False Teeth are only allowed if a medical condition is presented. A note from a licensed physician is required. Children with missing teeth and or braces are expected and is considered a normal phase of development. Flippers are not allowed!

Judging will be based on natural beauty, attitude, stage presence, confidence, behavior and poise. Judges will see the contestants on and off stage all week long. Contestants must follow the rules set forth by OLM at all times during the competition and during their reign if they are crowned the new World Winners.

Bathing Suits and Clothes worn around the hotel—All clothing worn around the hotel and to parties must be age appropriate. Bathing suits must be a full 1 piece. Bathing suits, shirts, dresses, etc. do not have to have a 1 inch strap, however strapless is still not permitted.

All contestants MUST have been born female in gender.

Coaching from the Audience– At no time during official competitions will any member of the audience be allowed to coach/direct a contestant. This includes, but not limited to, telling a contestant to smile, turn, wave, etc. The contestant is the one competing NOT the members of the audience. If seen, the contestant will receive an infraction . We encourage you to cheer, whistle, yell, or any type of motivational gestures...as long as they do not express commands of action.

Modeling & Pageant Rules/Regulations